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If you’ve been in an auto accident and are experience pain, come see our Chiropractic experts.

Salt Lake City Chiropractor


Find safe, non-surgical relief from painful back or neck issues.

Salt Lake City Chiropractor


Increase circulation, reduce pain, and improve healing time with Class IV laser therapy

Salt Lake City Wellness Chiropractor

At our chiropractic office, we use a variety of modalities to help our patients heal from various injuries. With the newest technology and techniques, we have been able to improve recovery rate and quality of life of the people who come to our office.

Whether you are in significant pain in a specific area of your body or need help recovering from an injury, Dr. Wood and his associates will be able to offer you the care you need without having to resort to medications or surgeries.

From Spinal Adjustments to Massage Therapy

At Life Health Chiropractic, we have myriad specialists from chiropractors to massage therapists who, when we all work together, can offer you a comprehensive healing and treatment process. No matter whether you are recovering from a severe injury or just want to make sure that your vertebrae are aligned and are in good working order, we have the skills, techniques, and tools to help you.

Our philosophy is to improve your overall health, not to just treat the symptoms of your problems. After first targeting the area of your pain or injury, we can move to chiropractic techniques on the spine and the extremities to help you live a happier and more enjoyable life.

At Life Health Chiropractic, You’re in Good Hands

Contrary to what you might have heard about chiropractors, we care about our patients and only perform procedures that are safe and effective. Our ultimate goal is to aid you in a full recovery. Patients who came to our office for widespread injuries have been able to see results because of our commitment to comprehensive care that treats the root of the problem.

Doctor Matt Wood D.C.

Our Wellness Chiropractor Dr. Matthew Wood D.C. provides quality chiropractic care to patients in Salt Lake City, UT. If you suffer from back pain, neck pain, headaches, sciatica or have been in an auto collision, Life Health Chiropractic can get you back on the road to health.

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